From the 1890s to 1963 spectacular wines were created on the Estate, wines that even the British Royalty enjoyed during their visit to South Africa after World War 2. They sipped on a luxurious white blend called “The White Leipzig”. Wine production on Leipzig came to a halt with the opening of a large cooperative cellar in the Nuy Valley. 50 years passed and the owner decided that the wine tradition of Leipzig deserved its time in the sun again. He joined forces with master winemaker Mark Carmichael Green. To preserve the memory and continue the story, it was decided that White Leipzig would once again see the light after many years.

The Leipzig Estate

Nuy Valley near Worcester

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The Leipzig Estate Wines

Leipzig Estate wines supplied by Newton Wines

Heimat 2017

Leipzig Heimat by Newton Wines

Three iconic cultivars that are beautifully balanced in taste and colour. Blend is a combination of Shiraz, Mouvedre and Viognier. A definitive spice coupled with smells of perfumed forest floor give way to a mineral saltiness on the palate. Awards: Paltter’s 4 Stars

Grapes: Shiraz, Mouvedre and Viognier    Alcohol: 14

White Leipzig 2017/18

Our flagship white wine of our cellar that evokes history and is a perfect fusion of carefully sourced Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Viognier. A flowery nose is followed by wonderful forward green apple flavours. The palate is settled with notes of butter, citrus and caramel. Aged for 9 months in oak barrels.

Awards: 2019 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits GOLD Award 2019 National Wine Challenge Double Gold Platter’s 4 Stars

Grapes: Chardonnay, Chenin and Viognier    Alcohol: 14
White Leipzig by Newton Wines

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